JEM Nutrition Coaching

On a mission to help women rebuild their relationships with their bodies through smarter approaches to diet and exercise.

Community Ambassador Pearyleigh Marrow

Pearyleaigh is a 33 year old busy mother of 4, all girls! If that wasn’t enough already, she is also a nursing student (and a glutton for punishment!). She started her fitness journey five years ago in December 2017 with Gastric Bypass Surgery.

In the past five years she has lost 162 pounds, had two babies in two years, and regained 38 pounds. She had to learn to love her body in its new form.

Pearyleigh’s biggest goal for this year is body recomposition. She is working on buidling back the strength lost due to surgery and NOT letting the number on the scale define how she views herself.

Her biggest support and motivation are her fiance and four daughters. Her fiance, Fred, is always on board with her crazy recipe ideas and gets much more creative than her in the kitchen. All the changes she implements in eating habits and physical activity they do together as a family. She wants her gils to learn a healthy way of life and develop into strong women – both phsyically and mentally!

Pearyleigh believes the best way to ensure that happening is to lead by example.

She joined the JEM Wellness Team because she “truly believes in everything this company stands for”. She loves seeing the weekly wins, learning about workout equipment (who knew there were so amny knds of barbells?!?) and seeing the community support.

Pearyleigh is responsible for helping keep our community moving and thriving behind the scenes. She is helping grow our community, and will be the person to go to for questions on upgrading your program or your account.