JEM Nutrition Coaching

On a mission to help women rebuild their relationships with their bodies through smarter approaches to diet and exercise.

Coach Jill Merckens

Jill has been coaching for over 10 years now! After years of being active in dancing and sports, Coach Jill’s original interest was to be a physical therapist. During her internships, she decided she preferred the smaller groups and more personal touch of private coaching (without the headaches of insurance paperwork). Jill’s coaching style mixes p/rehab exercise and strength training. 

Her interests include cycling, big dogs, Strongman training, and exploring new restaurants.

Jill’s goal is to help women rebuild their relationships with food and exercise through realistic and sustainable approaches. No crash diets here!

Growing up, Jill was always an active kid but she never fit the standard role of a “healthy sized kid.” For years, Jill felt like her doctors were dismissing her health concerns and telling her to lose weight by eating less and working harder, despite dancing and playing sports, sometimes 6-7 days per week for multiple hours each day.

After a while, Jill felt like she needed to take charge of her health and start advocating harder with her medical team. It was during this period that Coach Jill dove deeper into hormonal health and mindset education. Now, she’s sharing that knowledge with her clients to help make sure no one else has to deal with being overlooked and dismissed.

Coach Jill’s Certifications Include:

B.S. Exercise Science: Pre-Professional Physical Therapy

ACSM Certified Personal Trainer

Precision Nutrition (Pn) L1

Nutrition Coaching Institute (NCI) L1

Nutrition Coaching Institute (NCI) Hormone Specialist

Nutrition Coaching Institute (NCI) Mindset Specialist

Applied Science Methods (FNMS)

Healthy Mindset Coaching Certification (HMCC)

NASM Senior Fitness Specialist

NASM Golf Specialist

NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist

NASM Weight Loss Specialist

Eat to Perform Body Recomp Specialist

ACE Functional Nutrition Specialist

Functional Movement Screen Specialist


She has also completed several continuing education courses on Menopause, Osteoarthritis, Pre/Post Natal Health, Women’s health, Gut Health, and Dietetics.

Based on her education and experience, Coach Jill has developed a style that focuses on quality form strength training mixed with personalized mobility work to help improve range of motion, posture, and total body strength.  When we combine that with her nutrition skills and strategies to improve recovery and change body composition; we work towards building a better – HEALTHIER – life.