JEM Nutrition Coaching

On a mission to help women rebuild their relationships with their bodies through smarter approaches to diet and exercise.


JEM Nutrition Coaching is here to support you on your health journey! We provide a personalized nutrition plan combined with a training program created just for you. Together, we will work to build small, lifestyle goals for long term success.

Online Programming

Customized workouts and coach accountability

Nutrition Coaching

Personalized plans to help you achieve your goals through realistic diet approaches.

Combo Coaching

All access coaching! Personalized workouts and nutrition programming created just for YOU.

Are you interested in learning more?  Fill out this questionnaire so we can get to know more about you and your needs.  We will follow up with a call or an email to set up a time to talk.  We prefer talking to potential new clients through a video chat or a phone call – it’s more personal and really helps us get to know how we can best help YOU live a healthier life.